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I am the wanna be “Richnana

The love of my life and my why for building an online business is my grandson who we call Tre’ because he is the third generation given the name Gary Orlando Lemmons. When Tre’ was still in elementary school, our favorite thing to do was going to Toy’s R’ Us.

I would save money from my scarce paycheck to buy him at least one toy per month that we would select over the 3-4 weeks visiting the store each weekend.  My budget for his toy was $50.00/month.

I was working full-time and going to school at night pursuing a Masters’ Degree in Instructional Design to upgrade my career and ny income.

Time & Money

Time and Money were both at critical levels in my life at that time. I was on a very strict budget.

The Elementary School Tre’ attended ran a fundraiser for the children. The grand prize was a 100.00 gift card to Toy’R’ Us. My daughter and I called all our friends, neighbors and church members to donate to the fundraiser. We were determined that Tre’ would win the prize.

Hooray!.  He did win the gift card. I felt comfortable using the $50.00 that I allocated to him for other bills.

We arrived at Toy’R’Us  on a Saturday morning to claim his prize. Tre’ lined up all the WWF items he could afford with his gift card. The WWF had a new wrestling ring.  He selected some of his favorite WWF wrestlers, and the WWF belt.

We calculated the costs his choices; went confidently up to the cash registerto complete his purchases.  The cashion rang up a grand total of $105.97.  Gary Looked up at meand said “Nanait is more than a $100.00. I assured not to worry,I can handle the extra $6.00.  Feelinglike the Knight in shinning Armour I pulled out a $10.00 Bill to pay the overage.  Disaster! The gift card was only for $25.00. I was horrified.

The clerk explained that there were some scams going around where people would buy a gift card that stated $100 on the front but was for a lesser amount.  I told her we had received the gift card from a school.  The gift card plainly read  $100.00 on the front, but would only pay $25.00 toward his purchase.

I tried to explain the problem to Tre’. I told him I was broke and we would have to wait. He looked up at me with sadness and real concern and asked. “Nana when will you get “fixed?”.   Of course, later in the day he asked”Nana are you fixed yet?  The impatience of children.

However, that was the day I decided I needed to find a way to true financial freedom.


I dont’t think that anybody in America should suffer any type of lack unless it is their choosing.  I am always amazed at the high poverty level in this country.  People in California are considered at the poverty level if they earn under $100,000 per year.

Finding a solution to the “Broke” status of my friends, neighbor and community became an overwhelming journey of discovery and desire.

With forethought ,passion and a deliberate goal, I decided that the Internet “Work From Home” solution seemed to be the way to go. The Internet was the equalizer that it possible for anyone to earn money and change their lives. Being Naive and eager,

I fell for one promise after the other. No, your email to millions goes now where. People do not care about your product or service, they are only interested in “What is in it for them”

Even though there are billions of people online, reaching enough people with your message on a consistent basis is not easy.

The tools required to reach those targeted individual can cost a fortune. I quickly understood that the most important aspect to this online marketing game was getting people to see what you have to offer. This meant having traffic.

Traffic seemed to be the one thing, that no one has enough of.  Unfortunately, the internet businesses grow rich by offering marketers the quick fix to this problem with “safelist” Send your Ad to Millions”

The most innovate offerings online lure you in by explaining all the amazing features, with up sells and beautiful videos. But once you re inside, there is the same request.

When you Drive traffic to your site. When people visit your site and buy this wonderful product, you will make money. There lies the problem. People need the traffic upfront. . Everyone needs a way to get the most targeted people to see what they have to offer. Thus ViralAdMasters was created.


There is an old saying that states ““When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready… The teacher will Disappear.”

While I was busy suffering all these years with fake websites and traffic that never appeared, there was a young tech Nerd living in Canada that created the most innovative AI tool for unlimited lead generation

The ad states Unlimited Leads for Unlimited Businesses.  Undertanding that everyone online was suffering from a lack of leads, I calculated in my head that I just needed to put up an ad for this amazing product in LinkedIn, MLM Gateway, Herculist, Facebook Groups offering the unlimited leads package and I would walk away with a cool $100.000  at that time commission was $100.00 per referral.

Smart young turks online who needed to make a quick buck with a legitimate business venture became viral millionaires overnight.  Then there was Shark Tank  Phenomenon that showed when people appered on the show explaining  their product or service sales would go through the roof.

The magic number of customers and sales of your product that you need to feel comfortable with is only about 1,000.   if that is a recurring income, you are in relatively good shape.  This seems like such a small number to expect from the Internet that boast  billions of users  online buying stuff everyday.  . Finding reliable consistent advertising venues that produce the amount of traffic  and sales entrepreneurs need to thrive. 

So,the answer to the traffic question is to either directly contact enough people per month to get your 1,000 customers or create an innovative advertising campaign (Viral Ad) to get your product or service the exposure it requires.

All the best,

Virginia Sanders




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