How to Earn from $4k-9K Using MLM Rod With Nexus Rewards

A Simple System to Earn Quick Cash

He Who Controls the Leads-

Controls The Cash

Earn from $4k-9K Using MLM Rod With Nexus Rewards

The plan is realistic and will work when you follow the instructions.

In a message to some subscribers, I revealed a way to earn a quick $4,000 by referring 100 of their friends, neighbors, FB friends to an exciting referral program called Nexus Rewards. 

Unlike most money-making programs that provide a disclaimer as to how much money you can make with the program, the numbers that I quoted were precise. You can use MLMROD with any program but this is my recommended advice Nexus is high value & low costs.

If someone referred 100 people to the Nexus Rewards Offer, that person redeemed the $30 offer from Rakuten, then became a member of Rakuten the result equals $4,000 in cold hard cash. $1,000 of that would be recurring income. 

Rakuten Earn $30 over & over

To help my subscribers earn $4000 in a month by joining my favorite program Nexus Reward and redeeming the Rakuten $30 Rewards, I needed to find a reliable lead source they could tap into to acquire the $4,000. I don’t know of any program that will pay hard cash to pay someone to go shoppin?

MLMROD (MLM Recruit On Demand)

For Many years MLM Recruit on Demand was a source of leads specifically aimed at the Network Marketing Industry.

Many marketers declined to participate in the MLMROD program because there is a requirement that each of the leads provided has to be contacted via phone to qualify to receive a replacement lead.

With the MLM ROD Incentive Program, an online marketer can create a never-ending source of leads. Each time a lead is contacted via phone and offered an opportunity that lead is replaced with a new lead.

The intent is that once a membership is purchased from MLMROD, the member never have to purchase another set of 100 or 200 leads.  They are replaced. 

There are 3 levels of membership.

  • Active P1 MLMROD – Basic $15 Program (You make $15 per sale
  • Active P2 MLMROD – Pro $125 Program (You make $100 per sale
  • Not Active P3 MLMROD – Advanced $97 per month for 100 incoming calls

I consider myself an Affiliate Networker. I do not limit myself by a title or business model. So, using MLMROD was not a departure from being an affiliate marketer but an embracing of a product or service that is beneficial to my customers as well as my business.

Ryan Gunness of MLMROD perfected the process of MLM phone prospecting.

The big elephant is the room is the requirement to pick up the phone to call the leads. 

I did not look forward to calling strangers on the telephone.  Getting through a list of 300 individuals can take many days.  Some individuals will refuse to call a list of 300 strangers trying to “pitch” any product, whether the product produces $4,000 or 40 million dollars, they refuse.

So, I started searching for a solution to that problem.

One solution was SlyBroadcasting that delivers Ringless Voicemails to each telephone number on your list.  Using this systems costs $24.00 for a list of 300 individuals.  I did receive some insight regarding the phone numbers.

Approximately 149 of the telephone numbers could not be reached via RVM, this eliminated a lot of lost time.  But to send a smaller list of 150 over and over to reach my goal could become cost prohibitive.

Upline Coach with The Power Dialer

My second discovery was a program called Upline Coach offered through  The company offers telephone interviewed leads for marketers.

The best feature of the Upline Coach System was the Power Dialer System that automatically dials a group of numbers one after the other until the end of the imported list.

Even better was that new members can use the Upline Coach System for 30 days to test it. 

This of course was the answer.  The bottom line is that the entire program could lead to a multi-income stream for each participant in the 4KMLMROD program. 

Projected Income:

  • 50% use the MLMROD System 50 x $100 = $5,000
  • Joining and Referring 100 members to Rakuten = $3,000
  • Refer 100 new Members to Nexus Rewards = $1,000 recurring

Of course, this is not a pie-in-the sky quick answer to your money problems.  Each step of the process must be completed.  There is a time commitment as well as a financial one. 

However, the return on your time and finances can be recouped easily when the pieces are put into place.

These income claims can only be realized with a program like Nexus and Rakuten in combination.  This opportunity is current, but I doubt if we will see this kind of opportunity again in my lifetime.

Four thousand to nine thousand dollars is not a lot of money for many marketers.  One marketer replied that he was already making 7K per week.  I was not surprised but at the same time statistics show that many individuals could avoid bankruptcy if they had an extra $1,000 in their bank account.

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Many people are suffering because of the high inflation and the fall out from the Covid Pandemic. This process not only provides a low-cost way to create income but a long term work from home opportunity.