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The video shows you how you can earn $19,545.00 per month with Nexus Rewards’ ground breaking compensation plan.

The video will show you how the 6 level compensation plan only reuires that you find 5 committed individuals who refer 5 of their friends, neighbors and other online working form home individuals who also seek to find financial independence in a low cost high income program like Nexus Rewareds.

We are excited about this program because it is created for the masses, making these results possible for anyone who wants to change their financial future in the quickest and most result driven program available.

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Why Nexus Rewards? The Ultimate Cash Back Savings Program

How to Get the Leads to Get the Cash You Need to Change Your Financial Future

1. Join MLM Rod Get 300 Leads to Build Your Download Automatically

Get 300 Leads into your Pipeline with MLMROD

Program Levels:

Active P1 MLMROD – $15 Program 100 leads (You make $15 per sale

for a One Time fee of Only $15

You get Life Time Access to the following:

– MLM Recruit On Demand home study Program 
(over 12 Video training modules)
– Full access to all the copy & paste scripts that are proven to get prospects to say yes to looking at your products/business.
– Access to custom sales funnels for your team.
– Your own personal contact manager system.
– 100 Network Marketing Leads with the option to get more leads for FREE once you are finished processing your leads.
– Access to our Unlimited Leads For Life Program (We give more leads for FREE once you are finished processing your leads ).
– And a few more surprise bonuses for building and training your downline.

Active P2 MLMROD – $125 Program 200 leads (Earn $100 per sale)

Join MLM Recruit On Demand

How to generate 30-100 new Prospects/Leads per day ON AUTOPILOT
How you can generate 100’s leads per day without wasting 10 hours a day on social media…Unlike other methods, where driving traffic becomes the sole purpose of your day-to-day routine,Clicks and buying leads… take almost no time to manage.Its as easy as pushing a button.Our Clicks and Leads Program allows you to work on your business, not in it. The leads come in even if you sleep.These leads are exclusive to your business… and they roll through your funnel/auto-responder for follow up and follow through.Two Powerful Options1. Buy Clicks. Buy Leads

600 Interviewed Telephone Leads

 More people than ever are looking for ways to generate extra money than any other time in history. Lead Power Net is a proactive approach to getting people into your pipeline who have already been screened for their interest in a referral program.

Leads Power delivers hot opportunity seekers to you direct to your Upline Coach Program

Think about it. NO PROSPECTING wasting time and energy searching to find people who want to make money now.

  • We advertise.
  • People respond.
  • Our staff calls them to verify they’re for real.
  • Then… we DELIVER THEM RIGHT TO YOUR INBOX within moments.

Leads don’t get any hotter or fresher than this.


Are you thinking about top lead generation companies, the best lead generation company, and unlimited sales leads? We are here to make life a little easier for you by providing the specific leads you need for your niche.

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Upline Coach Automated Recruiting System

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The Upline Coach Marketing System makes building a successful network marketing business faster, easier, and more profitable than you ever dreamed possible. Upline Coach gives you a highly advanced suite of automated web-based tools in an easy-to-use system.

This fully integrated tool set is specifically designed for network marketers who want to recruit more people and build successful teams with less time and effort. Far more than a mere contact management system, Upline Coach is an entirely new way to connect with prospects, make ‘remote control’ presentations that perfectly follow-up with everyone, and CLOSE MORE BUSINESS. NO wasted time. NOBODY slipping through the cracks. NO lost revenue.