Become a millionaire

An Amazing fact from that famous TV Show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” is that only thirteen people won the coveted prize of $1000000. The show was aired in September 2002 with Meredith Vieira as the host.

Being a millionaire is the hope and dream of large numbers of people. In the year of 2021, a million dollars is not what it once was, but this amount of money can still open doors to other opportunities that will allow the owner of this sum to have a home and extra money to travel or make investments to increase their wealth.

Where to go to Earn a Million Dollars

While many programs promise this kind of wealth; few programs give you the step-by-step pathway to reach this milestone of wealth. The pathway to millionaire status is not easy as some internet marketing experts state.

But earning a million dollars is lot less stressful than trying to fibecome a contestant on that famous show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” and vying to get on the show to show off your knowledge or lack of knowledge to the world.

You just work smarter and harder than you have ever done in your life. But the promise is there.  The old saying is that Network Marketing is the best chance for the average person to find true wealth. The reason for this belief is that network marketing offers leverage to each member. There is power in numbers.

Interesting Facts About American Millionaires

Seven percent of American Households have millionaire status and 80% of those earned their millions on their own. They did not inherit their wealth. This is good news for the entrepreneur within us. If these people can do it than anyone can.

Education of Millionaires by Michele Ellsberg

According to Michel Ellsberg in his paperback “The Education of Millionaires: Everything You Won’t Learn in College About How to Be Successful” Half of all millionaires are self-employed or own a business. Around 80% of millionaires are college graduates. Only 18% of millionaires have higher level degrees. Only a small percentage have law degrees. A real surprise is the fact that only 6% of the millionaires have medical degrees, and 6% have PhDs.

Become Rich by Helping Others

Michel Ellsberg intended to show the world that higher education is not necessarily the road to wealth. Ms. Ellsberg interviewed a wide range of millionaires and even billionaires who did not graduate from college to discover what makes becoming a millionaire possible. Her suggestions rang true when she suggests that we find mentors who can help us develop real world skills.

Ms. Ellsberg also suggests that we build a world-class network of people who want to help other people be successful. These skills are a necessary requirement in the easiest program online that offers you the chance to become a pentamillionaire (five million net worth) or a decamillionaire (ten million net worth).

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Financial Security

Financial security leads to a better quality of life. It allows you to have money on hand to cover emergency expenses, fund your retirement with ease and enjoy some leisure time. If you’re ready to become a millionaire, you don’t need a winning lottery ticket. You just need to consistently follow these specific steps and plan for setbacks.

With the 2022 approaching, many of us are likely starting to think about our finances. You might want to increase your net worth or even get rich. After all, getting rich will allow you have more financial security but also have more options. 

Consider the following scenario to understand how long it takes to become a millionaire. You currently have $50,000 invested with an expected rate of return of 7%. If you save an additional $500 per month, it will take you approximately 30 years to reach $1 million. Even with a $150,000 starting investment, it would still take you 22 years to reach the $1 million mark.

Of course, with the use of the steps already mentioned, plus consistent determination, diligence and perseverance, you can reach your goal of becoming a millionaire even more quickly than the previous example.

But no matter how many of these steps you use, your path to wealth is likely to take a detour or two. The secret to getting rich is to expect these setbacks. Always plan for possible issues, and if they happen, learn from them. Then, refocus on hitting your goals to get rich.

Daytrading, Cryptocurrency, Saving?

A lot of individuals online are interested in day trading and dealing in cryptocurrency.  This is not the path to millions for most. It’s extremely risky, time-consuming and stressful. Plus, it can result in catastrophic financial losses.

Instead, the more time you give your investments to work, the more money they can potentially earn. Compound interest — interest earned on the principal plus the interest you’ve already earned — is a powerful tool in your financial toolkit.

If you invest $25,000 in an account that earns 3% interest compounded monthly and don’t invest any added funds, you’ll have $45,518 in 20 years. Leave that money in the same account for 30 years, and you’ll have $61,421.

The best idea to earning more income is finding a side hustle.  If  you have some extra time and you can find a legitimate online business, that can be a powerful way to increase your income.  Sometimes saving more money can provide a boost to your spendable income.

Our focus is to help you prosper by saving money, making money and helping your community.