Live A Bill Free Lifestyle?

The headlines below break my heart.  Inflation is the number one issue in the lives of many people who have a stable income.  But for the low-income earner, Inflation has wreaked havoc on their very existence and the ability to feed their families.

Relentless inflation means drivers are still stressed about gas even as prices fall BY CATHY BUSSEWITZDAVID MCHUGH AND THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

World’s largest food company warns prices will continue to rise. FINANCE ·ECONOMY

Inflation is hurting women at the grocery store. Some are eating less in order to feed their families.BYCHABELI CARRAZANA AND THE 19TH April 12, 2022 at 3:15 PM PDT

The Middle Class Losing Ground

The middle class looks at their bank account and it still looks okay. But when the price of food and gas, kitty litter and food for the dog start going up, the low income household is unable to cope.

Even with a low income, it was possible to take the kids out for a meal every now and then.  But have you checked the prices at McDonald’s lately?   Don’t even think about going to a restaurant when we go out to dinner for four people can devastate a low monthly income.

Live A Bill FREE Lifestyle?

Utility bills were significantly lower a year ago.  But, when gas prices rise, utility bills go up, our gas company in California offers low-income discounts to seniors and low income residents.  For a utility bill(just for gas) that runs $174.00 a month, they receive $15.00.

Nexus Rewards has a program an opportunity called The Bill Reduction Program where they negotiate to get better rates on your bills:

  1. Electrical Bill
  2. internet
  3. Cell phone
  4. Prescriptions
  5. Auto insurance
  6. homeowner’s insurance

 Nexus Rewards addresses the rising cost of goods and services and helps you and your community reduce that pain for the family.

Nexus Bill Reduction Program

Each member is able to put more cash back in your pocket. Here are some results from our members just using the cash back rewards.  Cash back is shown below for gas, household good, some groceries.

Nexus has two ways that you can join.  You can join free or premium.   Either one of the memberships gives you access to some great savings apps.

 if you decide to join us for free you can get access to some apps that save money on gas and groceries and dining out.

Membership Has its Priviledges

A premium member unlocks a lot more benefits and a lot more money saving cash back benefits.

The greatest attraction for this program is that there is nothing to sell or any lotions, potions and pills to try to determine if they work. 

The appeal of this business is everyone needs to save and make more money.

You do not have to convince people that they need this program. Your referral simply gets cash back on everything they already buy.  This money is already being spent.

You give your referrals yjr opportunity to reduce everyday costs.  Even as a free member, the customer is given access to three free apps with your free Nexus membership.

Rakuten Cash Back App in the SuperBowl

The first app is Rakuten.  In a recent Super Bowl Commercial, even the Clueless star states “You’d have to be “butt cray if you are not using Rakuten”.  This sentiment extends to the entire Nexus Reward Program.

Kim Ward relates some really amazing stories just utilizing just the free apps.

“I have a lifetime cash back earnings of over $400.00 “.  That amount does not take into consideration that my husband told me he’s saved over a #100 cash back in his wallet with the fetch app.”

I hit a hundred thousand points with Fetch and cashed that in to get my husband an Apple TV for Christmas.

Family Saves Over $1,000

We also use upside which helps me save on dining, gas and groceries. My husband drives a giant Ford Raptor 70 miles round trip and earned $120.00 with Upside.

If you calculate to add those savings together our family has put over a thousand dollars back into our pockets just using these free apps.  We started using these apps in June 2021.

Everyone can start putting money back in their pocket on things they are already buying.