Nexus Reward is a referral marketing company that offers members access to Rakuten Rewards, which pays $30 for each new referral the member enrolls in the program. The monthly membership is only $21.95 per month.

Get Cash Back From Rakuten

Members can immediatley start receiving cash back rewards on things they already buy and save money on gas with the upline ap.

Even free members receive cash back on all purchases, including gas, groceries, and clothomg and morel. With the premium membership there is an additional 6% cash back at the register.

Nexus is a referral marketing company with a pay plan based on a matrix. The 5×6 matrix pays $10.00 on the first level and $1.00 on levels 2–6. This compensation structure has the potential to end poverty in America for several reasons. See the matrix income here:

3 Reasons To Join Nexus When You Lose Your Job

Referral Marketing Returns Quick Rewards

Referral marketing has been proven to be a highly effective marketing strategy as it relies on word-of mouth marketing which is the most viral form of marketing available.

This marketing strategy is based on relationships and trust, which can result in a higher conversion rate than traditional advertising methods.

By offering a financial incentive for referrals, Nexus Reward creates an opportunity for members to earn a significant amount of money by simply spreading the word about the program.

This implies that people who may not have had access to traditional job opportunities or lacked the skills to start their own business can still earn money through referral marketing.

Get Cash Back Instantly

Get Cash Back

2. Nexus Reward’s cashback program allows members to save money on their everyday purchases. Poverty is often caused by a lack of resources, and a significant portion of a person’s income is spent on basic needs such as food, clothing, and transportation. Free apps give cashback on essential purchases.

Nexus Reward helps members save money and reduce their financial burden. This can also help to reduce the wealth gap in America, as those who may not have had access to the same discounts and rewards as those in higher income brackets can now benefit from the program.

5×6 Matrix Pays Out $19,545.00/mo

3. Nexus Reward’s compensation structure is designed to reward members for their hard work and dedication. By offering a matrix payout system, members have the opportunity to earn a significant amount of money as they progress through the levels. The quick cash return incentivizes members to work hard.

The high retention rate from a program that provides benefits is an added bonus. This encourages members to continue building their referral network continuously. The giveback and cashback rewards of this progrm ultimately lead to financial stability and an end to poverty.


Nexus Reward has the potential to end poverty in America by offering a referral marketing program that provides members with a financial incentive to spread the word, a cashback program that helps them save money, and a compensation structure that rewards their hard work.

The low entry costs and high return provides an accessible and flexible way for people to earn money, Nexus Reward can empower individuals and families to break the cycle of poverty and achieve financial stability.