SEO Revenue Stream

SEO is also The Hardest Strategy to Implement to get traffic but with the Largest Return On Investment

Turn Web Traffic Into Revenue

Search Engine Optimization SEO  is one of the best strategies to improve website traffic.
SEO is crucial for businesses. A company’s website will be viewed by more people if it has a higher ranking on search engines. Sales and earnings may consequently rise as a result.

Before you can start really making money online two things need to happen. 

Step 1: SEO Keyword Research

The first step to generating traffic from SEO hasn’t changed: You need to know your keywords. …

DemandJump has automated keyword research.

Simply enter the topic you want to write about and DemandJump provides a prioritized list of the exact content to create and how to write it with one-click SEO content briefs.

Step 2 Determine (and Optimize for) More Search Elements. …

You need to create quality content for your site so that people will want to read the information you offer. The first place that people go to find information is Google. They ask “how to do something.” They look at reviews of products they want to buy. This is the ultimate buyer traffic source.

Optimize Content for More Clickable Search Snippets. ..

Once your keyword research is complete, you may add keywords and monitor their placements across all major search engines depending on your location..

Beyond Content. …

Monitor Your Search Visibility.

Get Amazing SEO Results and Loads of Free Traffic from Search Engines

When you use the proper keywords, your website will start to get traffic and lots of it as you create more and more quality content.

Over 69% of affiliate marketers credit SEO as their top traffic source


Where do affiliate marketers source the most leads that earn a commission? The top traffic source that affiliates credit is SEO at 69%, followed by social media at 67%. Writing content like blogs produces 65% of traffic while email marketing attracts 42%. PPC campaigns produce just over one-third (34%) of reported traffic.

In essence, SEO is the process of employing specific guidelines for high-quality content and technology advancements to increase your website’s traffic and rankings on search engine results pages. Additionally, quantity is crucial.

Scaling, which is pretty much what it sounds like, is a terrific technique to rank higher over time by creating more content, using more links, and using a wider variety of keywords.

Niche selection is part of the Wealthy Affiliates Certification Program which focuses the WA membership on finding their idea niche.

This program is perhaps the most comprehensive & cost effective way to find, build and monetize your passion. The program is run by brothers who have been in the trenches of affiliate marketing and seek to help struggling marketers create a pth to financial security.

The program helps affiliates at every level on making an informed decision as to what niche is not only lucrative but one that you are passionate about.   Wealthy Affiliates provides free  niche research tools that help you get the ball rolling.  There are other popular tools you can use to do your niche research:

Create optimized affiliate content.

To rank in the serps, you are required to create all types of content as you work toward  completing your entrepreneurship certification.

This software tool comes with a variety of extremely helpful features for every content marketer:
It compares two articles side by side and reveals the percentage of duplicated content between the two articles.
It shows you exactly which parts of your texts are duplicated using different color highlighting.
It saves you time and effort when rewriting articles due to the easy comparison.
It displays the keyword density of each article for the keywords that you’ve chosen.
It helps to check on your freelance writers’ work and ensure that your content is not duplicated and will never be penalized by any of the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.).

Works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and newer.

Drive Traffic to an Affiliate Link.

you can use to create 800+ unique versions of each of your articles
and distribute those unique articles to 800+ highly relevant websites.

Because each of those distributed articles contains a couple of links to your website, this does wonders for
your Search Engine rankings and brings you a ton of free traffic.

Well, to make sure your articles are always distributed to high quality and well targeted websites, we’re constantly adding new article directories and blogs to our database they just added another 230 websites to our distribution network!

Boost your online income with Spin Distribute-

Search engines and social networks are the biggest driving forces behind traffic online and if you understand how to get ranked in Google, Bing & Yahoo…and understand how to leverage platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, SnapChat, and Instagram to drive traffic to your website, there is no limit to your potential.

**Wealthy Affiliate TEACHES traffic. They know the best strategies and techniques to get your website ranked and do it in abundance!

Affiliate Publishers Earn an average of $51,000 each year

 (Influencer Marketing Hub)

Get 100s of Highly Relevant Backlinks with Each Article Distribution!

Are you still paying for most of your traffic? Or struggling with 50 daily visitors you get from search engines?

Well, we were once in the exact same position – and we decided to put a stop to that. Let me tell you how.

Over the last 18 months we have been working on a unique article distribution system that will generate more than 800 highly relevant links to your website for each article you submit.

Spin Distribute Article Distribution System work?

This means, you take one article, and you use their article distribution system. It will generate thousands of unique versions of your article, and publish those unique articles to hundreds of websites that are related to your niche.

So, imagine this: There are hundreds of higly related websites that have content about your niche, and they ALL link back to your website. Search engines will say “wow, this must be a dominant site in this niche!” and they will push you to the top of their search results!

 QUICK MATH: If you have 7,000 daily visitors on your website. You get 20% of them (1,400 visitors) to subscribe to your mailing list and you convert 2% of your mailing list (28 visitors) to customers for your $77 product. Well, you are making over $2150 each day! Almost a seven figure revenue each year – and it can all happen in 3 months!

When you are thinking of the earning potential for Affiliate marketing, there is the super affiliates who earns over $2M per year from affiliate marketing.  These are the 6 percenters.

 The largest group of publishers, 18.8%, earn less than $20k annually.

20% earn between $20-80k each year.

What makes the difference between Publishers who earn 2 million per year to those who make less than 20K?  The overall consensus from all publishers is that affiliate marketing creates an opportunity to earn money with less effort than other online opportunities.

The defining reason that affiliate marketing is so popular and so profitable is it takes no time to launch your business or so we think.  But going on the premise of ease of use.  There are these factors.

Affiliate marketing is basically selling other peoples products for a commission. 

selling other people’s products saves you stacks of time and allows you to skip LOTS of learning curves. They know what they’re doing. They have great products. They have fantastic sales copy. They do all of the hard stuff… you just get paid.

Groupon made over $1B in revenue in 2020, thanks to its affiliates


The worldwide website, Groupon, has a business model built upon affiliate commissions as it connects subscribers with local merchants. In 2020, the company’s annual revenue topped $1.4B, even during a pandemic. The year before in 2019, Groupon’s annual revenue was over $2.2B

Making money selling other people’s products is the best way to make money because…

  • You can get started NOW. You don’t have to waste months creating your own product.
  • You don’t have to deal with the customer. So you’ll never have to answer any questions or speak to anybody.

There are several ways to get visitors, one way is to buy ads from Google or Facebook and when people click

on your ads they are directed to your website. However, a less expensive way to get visitors is to 

simply make your website easy to find in the search engines. This is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. 

WordPress has many plugins that will help you get yourcontent ranked by the search engines and this will be where you should start if you want to be successful.