We surveyed the list of the best side hustles for 2023. These suggestions for making extra income from home may very well guide you toward creating some extra cash from the comfort of your home.

 The biggest obstacle to participating in the suggestions given is timing and accessibility for someone who is suffering from that dreaded disease called JOB (Just Over Broke).

 American households are struggling with the highest inflation rate in history. Many of these households see no relief in sight. 

In an article by CREDIBLE Published January 25, 2023, at 2:17 p.m. EST, the writer reveals some disappointing statistics for the American household.

 In fact, 40% of Americans believe elevated inflation rates will never come down, and 62% expect everyday costs will be higher in 2023, according to a survey by real-estate data company Clever. More than one-third of respondents (38%) say they already can’t afford everyday goods, the survey found.

 There are too Many Poor People In the USA

“The problem with the US economy is that there are too many poor people,” writes Michael Farr in an article. He makes these key points:


It’s easy to hate the rich for all that they have and all that you don’t, but the rich aren’t the problem, says Michael Farr.

The problem is that the poor and middle class don’t have enough money.

Unless and until employment and wages rise, the US economy will remain at best stalled and, at worst, dig a deeper hole for all of us.

The audience just says, “Amen, and how do we fix that?” The suggestions from the experts in how to make money in 2023 are sometimes ludicrous for a stay-at-home mom or a senior citizen who would rather stay at home.

The Solution to Being Just Over Broke 10 Side hustles for 2023.

Here is an overview of the top 10 suggestions created by the experts online regarding the Top Ways to Earn Money Online in 2023.

 1. Food Delivery

2. Take Surveys

3. Renting Out Space

4. Play online Games

5. Rent out your car

6. Become an online coach

7.  Dog Walking

8. Resell Your old clothes

9. Learn a new trade or skill

10. Set up your house as an Air BNB

I am not an expert in the business of side hustles.   However, I choose to challenge these experts of online marketing services and expert money managers as to how valuable these suggestions are to senior citizens or work-at-home mothers. 

These experts obviously have not walked in the shoes of the working poor.  What we need and what will create recurring income to take us from the struggling poor to financial independence is owning your own business.

The Best Side Hustle is Your Own Homebased Business.

I have found and am participating in two business opportunities that are low cost but can produce a high income in a very short time.  What you need to make these businesses work is time to show your friends and neighbors how they can make money and save money.

These two business opportunities are the only ones I have discovered over my years of online marketing that actually give more value than you pay for.

 If you can alleviate some of the problems that your neighbor and you are facing as a results high inflation, you can be the hero.

 Help Yourself & Your Neighbors Escape Being Poor

How to earn $19.545/Month

 If you can help yourself and your neighbors deal with high inflation and gives you the ability to reach that upper echelon of financial independence but they cost less than a cup of coffee to start and gives you the ability to raise your financial quotient quickly.

One of the best suggestions from the online experts coincides with the Nexus Rewards Program. In the article entitled ”Easy Side Hustles for Moms Over 40” by Tess Simmons, Updated on May 4, 2022, she suggests the 3 free apps that Nexus Rewards has compiled under its software platform.

Click on Join Now and you can choose Just the Free Stuff to get Access to Rakuten, Fetch & Upside for free

1. Rakuten: Get up to 40% cash back when you pay for stuff. In addition to getting cash back on what you buy, Rakuten has a way for anyone to earn extra money just by referring friends and neighbors to the platform.

Most people do some shopping online. It doesn’t matter if it’s pet food from Walmart, a new outfit from Macy’s or even making travel arrangements, you are leaving much-needed money on the table.

This website, called Rakuten is available within the Nexus Rewards back office, giving you the opportunity to get cashback at just about every online store where you already shop. You can get up to 40% cash back every time you buy something. 

The article provided an example from one of their subscribers who had earned more than $526.44 since she joined Rakuten. She earned this money just by spending money. 

My daughter earned over $900.00 and did not refer anyone to the platform.  This is a quick fix for those shopaholics in your household.

You can even use Rakuten for things like rental cars and flights. 

It takes less than 60 seconds to create a Rakuten account and start shopping. All you need is an email address, then you can immediately start earning cashback at your go-to stores through the site. 

Your cash will be deposited directly into your bank account or via a check in the mail every few months. Talk about money for nothing.

Nexus provides more money savings apps to help your paycheck go farther. Use coupons and cashback apps.

Save on Household Necessities

Get Fetch Rewards: Save on other household necessities. Apps like   Fetch Rewards will give you rewards or cashback for purchasing certain items or scanning your receipts. Start couponing to save money if you’re tired of being broke!

Grab all the recent receipts you have, even gas receipts, and scan them into Fetch Rewards to earn points towards free money. Even better? Connect your email inbox, and it’ll count your email receipts too from Amazon, Instacart, Shipt, and more!

Upside Save On Gas: Turn on Upside, a free cash back app that partners with over 20,000 gas stations and local businesses which includes Shell, 76, along with Popeye’s, Papa John’s, and much more. You can earn an extra $148 a year (on average)!

This is just the tip of your Savings Iceberg.  The platform can save the average family $5,000 a year on items they already buy.

Join Nexus as a premium member for the very low price of $31.95 ($10 signup fee) and $21.95 per month to unlock some additional benefits that include:

Benefit hub for Nexus

Earn Money in Multiple Ways

You can earn money in multiple ways with the Nexus Rewards Program. Nexus’s simple but highly lucrative referral rewards program This Program enables you to build a long-term sustainable income

Nexus Rewards Premium Member Benefits

1. Unilevel Commissions
Earn $10 or more per month on all your personal referrals.
Earn additional rewards through 10 Levels.

2. Infinity Commissions
Through rank advancements you can get paid on infinite levels of members.

3. Dynamic Compression
Earn additional income on levels that team members are not yet qualified for.
Those differences in commissions go to you.

4. Copyrighted Coded Infinity Bonuses
As you refer others the system codes $5 monthly payments to you.
Then you receive additional $5 coded bonuses on their referrals.
This process continues indefinitely in depth, providing an unlimited income potential.

5. Loyalty Member Rewards
Members get additional perks, bonuses, and a position in our Company wide Bonus Matrix. Your referral team will naturally grow as you achieve higher rank and commissions.

Most individuals who are seeking a side hustle want a recurring income stream.  This income stream needs to be able to grow over time and provide income that increases month after month. 

Many of the suggestions on the pages we surveyed required a focused time and physical interaction to make any money. The businesses that we presented have huge growth potential.

Of course, this decision is very personal about how and where you start to earn more money for your family. We cannot make the final decision for you.  We only present our finding in the best way possible

There is no right or wrong answer here, but you should realize the future potential when you get started. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this article has made you aware of a very timely and lucrative business opportunity which has the potential to change your financial future and that of your family.  We just present our facts on what I think makes a good side hustle.

If you’re still on the fence and need information on Nexus Rewards, click here. Save Money Make Money

Virginia R. Sanders

Virginia considers herself an “Affiliate Networker” with a passion for seeking out business opportunities for the solopreneur that creates instant cash as well as residual income opportunities.  She does not claim to be an expert in any subject except common sense marketing. 

Virginia is the mother of twin daughters and the proud “Richnana” to an avid skateboarder named Tre’.  

She created an online course entitled “Where is David Copperfield?:” showing work from home individuals how to become Unclaimed Property Investigators and return assets of 1 million dollars and more to David Copperfield, TD Waterhouse, Google and thousands of other claimants who had substantial assets sitting in the California unclaimed property vault.

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