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Check out what some of our people already have saved:

  • Tim D.  Saved $1,200 on my AT&T Bill
  • Rob P. Saved $498 on my Optimum Bill
  • Joyce H.  Saved $1000 a Year on my Auto Insurance
  • Debbie H.  Saved $240 on my Spectrum Charter Bill
  • David J. Saved $890 on my Sprint Cellphone Bill
  • Judy P.  Got $378.50 Cashback buying Gasoline
  • Jim K. Saved $540 on my Verizon Bill, and Saved $360 on my Comcast, got Netflix for free
  • Stephen C. Saved $993.12 on my Comcast, and got a free 1 Gig upgrade
  • Cathy B.  Saved $758.12 on my Optimum Bill
  • Bob B. Saved $360 a Year on my Automobile Insurance
  • Joanne C.  Saved $840 on my DirectTV Bill
  • Connie D. Saved $665 on my ADT Home Security Bill
  • Matt H.  Saved $540 on my DirectTV Bill
  • John C. Saved $461 on my Comcast Bill
  • Celeste P. Saved $740 on my Verizon Bill
  • Kim W. Saved $680 a Year on my Home Insurance
  • Stacy R. Saved $1,249.24 on my Comcast Bill
  • Bruce N. Got 355,729 points ($355.73) with the Receipt App
  • Beverly M. Saved $480 on my Dish Network Bill and Saved $675 on my Verizon Bill
  • William P. Saved $561 on my Optimum Bill
  • Orpha P.  Saved $975 on my AT&T Bill
  • Ricky R. Over $900 in Cashback on Gas Purchases
  • Otis B.  Saved $1,746.00 a Year on my Auto Insurance
  • Dina M. Saved $1,016 on Verizon Wireless Bill, and Saved $2,872.80 on our Comcast Bill

Dave Ramsey, a well-known financial guru and author of several books including “Financial

Peace”, and Millionaire Mindset has this to say about ‘Cashback Rewards’

If you aren’t using coupons and cashback rewards when you shop, you’ve got a lot to learn about
Becoming Financially Free. You are missing serious savings. Now all you need is your trusty
smartphone loaded up with the best apps out there

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You’ve seen it all before. Promises to “make money online for free!”—except they’re never actually free. There’s always a catch somewhere, or an investment you need to make upfront.

And it makes sense. According to the US Census Bureau, the country is on track to shatter its record for the number of new business applications in a year by nearly 50%.

Perfect Products & Perfect Timing

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10 Verified Member = $100 per Month or $1200per Year!

100 Verified Members = $1009 per Month or $12,000 per Year!

1,000 Verified Members = $10,000 per Month or $120,000 per Year!

10,000 Verified Members = $100,000 per Month or $1,200,000 per Year!

Who Turns Down Free Money?

At my age I am immune to all the hype and overstatements that many program promoters make.  I take their claims with a grain of salt.  then I toss it over my shoulder and forget most of what they say until I can verify their claims.  In this example, the claim was justified.  

The combination of free apps within their program was a convenience for me which kept me from jumping from one app to the other trying to find the best cash apps online. 

You might want to read Dave Ramsey’s article. “10 Best Money-Making Apps” where he talks about having over 284 apps on his phone, you will understand why I was so happy to just download three (3) of the best cashback apps from the Nexus Reward Site.

Rakuten is the one that is the most lucrative because it will pay you and your referral each $30.00 when you use the app.  The people over at Rakuten state there is no limit to how many people you can refer.  Now for an online marketer that seems a bit extreme. 

 But it is absolutely true. So, I don’t know about anyone else, but my mind went to 1,000 referrals.  I just completed an article about the Billions of people online so 1,000 does not seem a big number in comparison. so, let me give you the information on Rakuten rewards.


Cash back is Rakuten’s strongest feature. If you utilize Rakuten’s website link when buying online, you can receive up to 10% $30.00 cash back when you visit the stores you typically visit. Every three months, you can cash out your rewards, and they can either be sent to your PayPal account, or if you like the old-fashioned way, they can cut out a paper check. Rakuten has already returned more than $2 billion in cash to its customers.

Pros: Real Money

Con: Pays Quarterly

Upside Save Money When You Fill Your Tank

Gasoline Savings  

Save up to 25¢ per gallon 
and more every time you get gas Refer Others – Get 15¢ a Gallon per referral Plus: 1¢ a Gallon for every Gallon they Buy – Forever!
Plus: 1 half ¢ per gallon on all their referrals – Forever!


The Fetch Rewards app allows you to earn money as well, and after your first redemption, it allows you to withdraw as little as $3. The sole restriction is that you can only withdraw money to buy gift cards or magazines. That’s not actual dollars but provides an easy way to save for a variety of gifts you can give away gift cards.

Fetch Rewards is simple to use. You receive 25 points for each shopping trip Take a picture of your receipt from any retailer (digital receipts also work). And Fetch is the best way to increase your point total. rewards you even more for shopping at specific stores or buying specific brands. Here’s the nice thing: You don’t need to add offers to your app before you use it.  Fetch gives you two whole weeks to upload your receipt.

Premiere Apps

Benefit Hub

More Cash Saving Apps

NXRx– Prescription Discount App  
Save up to 80% off Prescription Medications

NXR Shopping Boss Cash Back App   
One Of The Most Powerful Cash Back Tools Available.
Use this app to add an average of 6% additional Cash Back.

Nexus Zoom Rewards  
Zoom-Ready Presentations – Webinars with 500 People
Unlimited Cloud Storage – Broadcast to Facebook Live
Breakout Rooms – Save 35% only $12.99 mo.


The Nexus Rewards program can change your quality of life. It just depends on what you choose. At the least, you should introduce the program to individuals who are suffering because of inflation. Anyone can participate. Most of the app are Not as available in other countries. You can check the documentation to make sure your area has these programs available.

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